ProektEnergoStroi-NS LLP

ProektEnergoStroi-NS LLP (State Registration Certificate No.1953-1901-ТОО dated 21.06.2005).

LLP started its activity on 12.08.2005.

LLP has the following state licenses for:

  • surveying activity;
  • construction and installation works;
  • design activity.

Quality Management System with requirements of ST RK ISO-9001-2016 (Certificate KZ 7500133.07.03.04836) is introduced and maintained effective in LLP.

Based on data of nation-wide ranking under OKED (Common Classifier of Economic Activity) in 2014, LLP gained a right to use the marks and status of Rating "Leader of Industry 2014".

Since 2007, LLP is headed by Aitimov Patkula Islyambekovich, Director. He has honorary titles "Yenbegi Singen Energetik. Kazakstan Elektr Energetikalyk Kaumdastygy" (2012), "Elektr Energetika Ardageri. Kazakstan Elektr Energetikalyk Kaumdastygy" (2014).

ProektEnergoStroi-NS LLP

Address: 26 Tsiolkovsky Street, 010000, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. Tel./Fax: 8 (7172) 371 308


Areas of Activity