Thermal and Mechanical Department


Thermal and Mechanical Department is a leading department of the Institute. The Department performs a process design of power facilities:

  • thermal, gas-turbine, combined-cycle power plants;
  • hot water and steam boiler plants,

and other process facilities.

Large scope of design works is performed also with respect to modernization, retrofitting, and reconstruction of energy sources of various types, purposes, and fuel use types. Activity of the Department is oriented on the continuous enhancement of efficiency of decisions made and quality of projects performed.


  • studying the needs of a Customer and coordinating the essential engineering solutions with the Customer;
  • strong partnership relations with the leading world companies - equipment manufacturers (Alstom, Siemens, Hitachi, ABB etc.)
  • enable to develop design solutions that meet the highest requirements to quality and reliability;
  • paying the special attention to quality and completeness of project designs by the Department.

Range of Services

The Department contains the following divisions:

  • thermal engineering sectors;
  • water treatment sector;
  • fuel supply sector.

Thermal engineering sectors develop:

  • Heat balance diagrams of power plant;
  • Cogeneration-based district heating schemes;
  • Configurations of main and auxiliary process facilities
  • Engineering documentation regarding main and auxiliary facilities of power plant.

Heating engineers make the heat calculations of diagrams for power plants, calculations for strength and homing action of process pipelines of any purpose, select and coordinate specifications for primary and auxiliary equipment with manufacturers.

Fuel supply sector develops schemes and design documents for fuel-handling facilities of power plants of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels including handling devices, crushers, junction towers, conveyer belt housings, fuel oil-handling equipment, gas control points etc. The sector performs design works on accessory buildings and structures of power plant and boiler plants.

Water treatment sector designs water treatment plants (WTP) of various purposes for power plants taking into account the water-chemistry conditions of TPP. In the design, the leading world technologies in the field of water treatment are used with the application of modern equipment and consumables (ion-exchange resins, membrane technologies etc.). WTP process flow diagrams stipulate a maximum reduction in wastewater and reagent consumption, and a reutilization of discharges in TPP cycle.

Specialists of the Department take part in:

  • development of variants for the identification of the most progressive and effective design solutions;
  • defense of design solutions on technical meeting of the Institute, in approving, expert, and validating authorities, as well as take part in designer supervision.
  • development and introduction of measures for the improvement of reliability, life cycle, economy, and effectiveness of power-generating equipment operation.

Areas of Activity