Cost Estimate Department

The Department has a database on estimated cost for construction of facilities of CHPP, GTP, boiler plants, heating mains and heat networks of cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Taraz, Oskemen, Oral, Karashaganak, Kashagan, Semey, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Zhezkazgan.

Cost Estimate Department performs the following types of design works and estimates:

Determination of estimated cost for construction of facilities of the electric power industry and heat networks at all design stages: feasibility study (FS), design (D), detailed design (DD), detailed documentation (DDC).

Estimated construction cost is determined in reference prices followed by the conversion to the current price level with the fulfillment of all requirements and recommendations of estimate standards and regulations of the Government of the RK and Committee for Construction and Housing and Public Utility Sector of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RK.

Decisions made regarding the issues of construction arrangement:

  • determination of set construction periods;
  • making the construction schedules with the allocation of investments and expenditures for building and erection works by years of construction;
  • drawing the erecting crane layouts;
  • making the master plans.

Areas of Activity