Engineering Survey Department

The Department is staffed by specialists with the long experience of work in the field of engineering survey, and young specialists. The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

High level of professionalism of leading specialists is confirmed by their certificates and diplomas.

Work experience of our employees enables to perform the whole range of engineering surveys for the design and construction of buildings and structures of the I and II levels of responsibility in rough natural and technogenic conditions.

Application of software for the electronic data processing increases quality and accelerates performance of works, as well as provides the possibility to obtain descriptive graphic materials and authentic design parameters.

Students of higher education institutions of Almaty – future geodetic surveyors and geological engineers undertake in internship in our collective.

The Engineering Survey Department provides the wide range of services ensuring the comprehensive studying of natural and technogenic conditions in a territory of design and construction.

Topographical Survey:

  • topographic mapping in scale of 1:5000 – 1:500;
  • surveying of underground utilities and coordination thereof in relevant public utilities;
  • monitoring observations of building and structures.

To perform topographical surveying the Department was equipped with devices of the Swiss firm "Leica" (TSR1205 and TS307 total stations with LisCAD software, Sprinter100 digital levels, cable avoidance tools, laser rangers).

Soil Survey:

  • drilling and mining works;
  • field soil investigation – plate-bearing tests, static and dynamic probing, demountable piles testing;
  • groundwater survey – testing for underground waters inflow, hydrologic balance calculation, observation over the regime of
  • underground water;
  • laboratory investigation of soil mechanical and physical properties – soil testing in box shear apparatus and consolidometer;
  • chemical study of soils, underground, and surface waters.

To perform soil surveys the Department is equipped with UGB-2VS drilling units, equipment for soil static load test, "Test-AM" electronic device with Geoexplorer software for soil static penetration test, equipment for testing for underground waters inflow. There is also a soil laboratory equipped with devices for soil shear and compression tests in various manners.


Areas of Activity