The Institute was established in 1960 and was a part of the USSR Minenergo system as a regional center located on the east part of the country and a head republican institute engaged in the design of district heat supply systems on the basis of CHPP with cogeneration of electric and thermal energy, and heat supply schemes of industrial cities and enterprises.

From the time of establishment, the Institute was called as the Alma-Ata Division of the State All-Union Design Institute "Promenergoproekt", and, in 1974, it was renamed as the Central Asian Division of the All-Union State Scientific & Research and Design & Engineering Institute for Industrial Energetics and Rational Use of Fuel, Electric and Thermal Energy in Industry (CAD "VNIPIEnergoprom").

Over the years of its activity, the Institute CAD "VNIPIEnergoprom" acquired a status of large design organization responsible for the creation of engineering policy in the field of district heating in Kazakhstan and Central Asian republics, and in a number of cities of the Russian Federation and abroad.

That stage of activity of the Institute was characterized by the development and introduction of improved and progressive engineering solutions ensuring the increased productivity and economical efficiency of constructed CHPPs into projects. Works on a cardinal reconstruction of standard design, and research & scientific works in the field of industrial energetics and rational use of energy resources were started.

In 1992, the Central Asian Division "VNIPIEnergoprom" was reorganized in an independent state enterprise - Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" directly controlled by the Ministry of Energetics and Coal Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1998, Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" is a private enterprise.

At the present time, Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC carries on traditions on the integrated design of thermal power plants and district heat supply systems.

During entire activity since 1960, the Institute has achieved the high level of design of combined heat power plants, large boiler plants and heat networks' facilities and is a leading organnization in the field of design of district heating in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Many heat and power facilities were built from scratch under projects of the Institute.

The Institute takes part in developments of the Strategy of Prospective Development of Electric Power Industry and Energy Budgets of the RK and is an author of heat supply schemes of industrial centers and big cities of the RK.

Area of activity of the Institute expands continuously.

The Institute is staffed with highly knowledgeable specialists (thermal engineers, electricans, builders, hydraulic engineers etc.) with the long-term experience of work in the power industry and integrated design of thermal power plants and heat networks using the experience of previous generations of designers, who ensured the Institute formation.

In the recent years, collective of the Institute is replenished with young specialists adopting experience of senior mentors, continuing and increasing the best traditions of integrated design of thermal power plants and heat networks.

At the present time, the Institute is equipped with modern multifunction and constantly updated computer, plotting, and multiplying equipment.

Technical level and quality of the performed works meet international standards.

In accordance with requirements of the national standard ST RK ISO 9001-2009, the quality management system is applicable to design activity, survey works, and engineering services in the field of architecture, town planning, and construction in the Institute since 2004.

Since 2013, Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC obtained compliance certificates for environmental management system and occupational safety and health management system applicable to design activity, survey works, and engineering services in the field of architecture, town planning, and construction in accordance with requirements of the national standards ST RK ISO 14001-2006 and ST RK ОНSАS 18001-2008.

Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC has an information and technical base containing numerous materials of the technical archive of designs, detailed and estimate documents, scientific and technical library, and industrial process equipment group.

The Institute is one of founders of the Kazakhstan Electricity Association, actively involded in its work - first of all, in a promotion and introduction of new technologies oriented on the enhancement of energy efficiency and energy saving into the power industry.


Areas of Activity