Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC is an integrated design & engineering and research institute that carries out the whole range of front end engineering and design works in the field of heat power engineering including development of:

  • Heat supply schemes for cities;
  • Feasibility study for construction (modernization, expansion) of thermal power plants (TPPs) of various purposes and fossil-fueled boiler plants;
  • Feasibility study for construction (modernization, expansion) of heat networks.
  • Projects;
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Engineering geological and topographical surveys;
  • Assessment of environmental impact (ОВОС) of facilities under development;
  • Supervision over construction of facilities under design.

The Institute carries out its activity on the basis of state licenses entitled to perform design works in the field of heat power engineering, architecture, town planning, and construction including fire and explosion dangerous industry, as well as to provide engineering services for environmental design and standardizing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC was established in 1960 as a division of the State Union Design Institute "Promenergoproekt"; throughout its existence the Institute experiences a range of reorganizations:

  • 1974 Central Asia Division of the Institute "VNIPIEnergoprom" ("VNIPIEnergoprom" CAD)
  • 1992 Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom"
  • 1998 Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" AOZT (CJSC)
  • 1999 Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" ZAO (CJSC)
  • 2005 Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" LLP
  • 2008 Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC

Number of employees of the Institute was more than 200 persons.

Since 1994, Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" JSC has its own trade mark registered in the Trade Mark National Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In new economic environment, the Institute cooperates fruitfully with foreign companies in the field of energy sector construction.

The Institute is one of the founders of the Kazakhstan Electric Association, fully engaged in the Association work — first of all, in the promotion and introduction of new technologies, which are oriented on the enhancement of energy efficiency and energy saving, into the power industry.

Wide experience and good traditions of integrated approach to the making complex decisions in the field of district heat supply are the main advantages of collective of the Institute.



Areas of Activity