Process design

Process design of heat and power facilities is carried out by departments of the Institute on the basis of:

  • Technical guidance documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the process design of thermal power plans and heat networks;
  • Suggestions and proposals of project originators;
  • Provisions of the sound engineering practice that enable to combinate strict requirements of regulatory documents with practical issues of heat and power facility operation
  • Project development is carried out using new advanced technologies oriented on the improvement of cogeneration energy efficiency and reduction in the volume of primary energy resources consumption.

Collective of the Institute constantly keeps an eye on the appearance of new energy-efficient technologies, primary and auxiliary equipment with higher technical-and-economic and environmental characteristics to use them (as agreed upon with the Customer) in the projects under development. Various forms of advanced training for specialists of the Institute are applied.

In the course of project development, licensed dedicated computer programs and software packages are widely used:

  • Windows XP Prof
  • Start (pipe flexibility and stress analysis)
  • D-Pipe (strength calculations at operational and seismic loads)
  • Insulation (calculation of pipeline wrapping)
  • Hydraulics (calculation of hydraulic resistances in piping systems)
  • Slope of SPI "Hydroproject" (calculation of dam slope stability with the consideration of seismicity)
  • Ecologist of Firm "Integral", Saint-Petersburg (software complex for calculation of aerial contamination)
  • АВС (calculation of estimates)
  • Alt-Invest Sum v. 6.04 (calculation of economic parameters for power facility construction)
  • Auto CAD LT 2007 (designer's graphical package)
  • Auto CAD Architecture-2009 (architect's graphical package)

The most important condition of qualitative project development is the availability of technical guidance documents and possibility to use solutions of previous developments.

Technical archive built up since 1960 (year of the Institute creation) includes:

  • Archive of design and estimate documentation,
  • Scientific and technical library,
  • Design room

Archive of design and estimate documentation (ADED) contains materials executed by the Institute with respect to design, expansion, and modernization of thermal steam-turbine and gas-turbine power plants, combined heat and power plants, large boiler plants, and facilities of heat networks, and with respect to the advanced design of heat supply schemes for all regional and large cities of Kazakhstan and Central Asia – CIS member countries.

Scientific and technical library contains the required and sufficient scope of current laws and by-laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state and interstate SNiPs, GOSTs, Specifications, Ruling Documents, regulations, SanPiNs, price lists included in the List of regulatory, legal, and standard and engineering acts in the field of architecture, town planning, and construction effective in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in hard copy and electronic format, as well as specialized technical guidance documents including in the field of environmental protection, periodic scientific and technical publications. The library is also equipped with the database of technical guidance and legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Internet connection.

Design room has the large scope of standard and multiuse design and estimate documents, catalogues of electrical, heat-exchange, construction, water treatment, and lifting equipment, inventory, certificates, and drawings of dedicated factory equipment, and Internet connection.

Vast experience and good traditions of the comprehensive approach to making the complex decisions at the design of heat and power facilities is the main advantage of the Institute's collective.

Projects of construction, expansion, and modernization of thermal power plants developed during the last 3 years


  • Gas turbine power plant on the Akshabulak oil field
  • Construction of CHPP-3 in Astana (Feasibility Study correction)
  • Kashagan East field development experimental programme. Onshore complex. Gas-turbine power plant. Expansion. Phase 3
  • Modernization of CHPP-1 for the acceptance of heat from CHPP-2 in Almaty
  • Modernization of BKZ-420-140 boiler unit at Station No.1 of CHPP-3 of "Pavlodarenergo" JSC
  • Modernization of 110kV outdoor switchgear at CHPP-2 of "AlES" JSC as part of Detailed Design "External Power Supply of the Algabas Microdistrict. Algabas 110/10-10kV Substation


  • Expansion and modernization of CHPP-2 with the installation of boiler units at Stations Nos.7,8, turbine units at Stations Nos.5,6 and hot water boiler plant in Astana
  • Installation of hot water boilers at Station No.1?4 of CHPP-2 in Astana
  • Expansion of АЕS "Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP" JSC with the installation of turbine unit at Station No.12
  • Expansion of SDPP (State District Power Plant) of "Kazakhmys" Corporation LLP with the installation of turbine unit at Station No.1
  • Modernization of ventilation cooling towers at Station No.1?6 of CHPP-2 of "AlES" JSC (Detailed Design)
  • Kashagan East field development experimental programme. Onshore complex. Gas-turbine and steam-turbine power plant (Detailed Documentation)
  • Modernization of roof of turbine and boiler rooms in cubicles of Blocks No.1 and No.2 of Ekibastuz SDPP-2 Power Station JSC (Detailed Documentation)
  • Feasibility study of the heat supply scheme for Zheskazgan and Satpayev cities
  • Kostanai heat supply development scheme until 2015 with an outlook for 2030 taking into account the commissioning of new facilities


  • Construction of Balkhash TPP (Feasibility Study)
  • Construction of boiler plant in the KAMAZ microdistrict in Almaty
  • Expansion and modernization of Zhambyl SDPP (Feasibility Study)
  • Disposal of discharges from structures and equipment of CHPP-1 in Almaty to surface reservoirs, as well as disposal of toxic and oil-containing discharges to ash dump
  • Expansion and modernization of Ekibastuz SDPP-2. Additional variant with the modernized boiler at Station No.3 by type P-57r (Feasibility Study)
  • Modernizations and expansions of Almaty CHPP-2 of "AlES" JSC, III stage (Feasibility Study)
  • Heat supply concept for the development area in the region of Koshchi settlement of Tselinograd district of Akmola region
  • Shymkent heat supply scheme with an outlook for 2020