Documentation Release Department

The Department is a division finishing the cycle of design works.

The following types of works are performed by the Department:

  • typing, editing, and formatting the texts of explanatory notes;
  • plotting the colored and black and white drawings with wide format plotters;
  • duplication of engineering documentation;
  • compilation of engineering and detailed documentation;
  • preparation and composition of illustrative materials, presentations, posters;
  • sending the documentation to customers;

The following equipment is installed and operated in the Department:

  • Modern computers with software meeting all requirements of documentation processing and release;
  • Hewlett Packard full-color wide format plotters;
  • XEROX wide format "printers-copiers-scanners";
  • XEROX high-speed copiers;
  • Colored laser and ink-jet printers;

All equipment is connected to Intranet of the Institute.

To accomplish assigned tasks the Department is staffed by specialists familiar with modern software and hardware and able to operate modern computer, graphic, and copying equipment.


Areas of Activity