Automation System Department


The Department carries out its activity within the framework of integrated design of electric power industry facilities (mostly, thermal and gas-turbine power plants) by the Institute.

From the date of establishment of the Institute, activity of the Department was aimed at the continuous increase of automation level at domestic power plants.

Control systems currently introduced as part of our projects are based on the use of state-of-the-art highly reliable microprocessor-based means of control and monitoring, which ensure effectiveness, maintainability, increase in performance indicators of power plant and simplify the labor of personnel.


Studying the needs of a Customer, coordination of engineering solutions with the Customer, readiness for sincere cooperation, strong partnership relations with the leading world manufacturers of devices for software & hardware complexes enable to supply equipment and technologies that meet the highest requirements to quality and reliability.

Completeness and correctness of project designs are achieved thanks to the studying of basic data and documents received from manufacturers of both process equipment, and I&C equipment, integrated survey of facilities, and painstaking work with manufacturers.

Technology awareness of specialists of the Department increases constantly by visiting of all possible workshops and seminars arranged by suppliers of equipment and automatics.

Range of Services

Design of automated control systems at all design stages.

Design of microprocessor-based control systems at the detailed documentation stage within the scope of "field level" and issuing the design assignment for the development and supply of software & hardware complex (SHc) to a specialized organization.

Design of control and monitoring systems in versions of an instrument system and relay logic system in full scope.


Areas of Activity