Advanced Engineering Department

Main areas of the Department activity are the development of heat supply schemes, programs for development of heat and power complex of cities, and implementation of financial & economic and environmental sections at all design stages.

A primary purpose of the integrated approach to the development of heat supply schemes and programs for development of heat and power complex of cities and regions is the provision of consumers with a high-quality and reliable heat supply in the most efficient manner with the minimum environmental impact.

Heat supply schemes of cities, industrial and urban conglomerates, subnational entities, regions, and country on the whole are the main documents identifying the concept and ways of heat supply facilities development.

Many years of practice has shown that the design and estimate documentation with respect to the modernization, expansion, and retrofitting of operational combined heat and power plants, boiler plants, and heat networks, as well as with respect to the construction of new ones can be reasonably developed only on the basis of solutions accepted in schemes.

The Department developed heat supply schemes for all cities of Kazakhstan, number of cities in the Russian Federation, and republics of the Central Asia.

In recent years, heat supply schemes were developed for such cities as Astana, Almaty, Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar, Shymkent, Zhezkazgan, and Satpayev, on the basis of which heat sources and networks are currently under design and construction.

The following issues are solved in heat supply schemes:

  • identification and substantiation of thermal loads for 5-10-15-years prospect on the basis of suggestions of local authorities and draft plot plans for urban development;
  • development of suggestions on the modernization and expansion of existing heat supply systems to ensure increasing demands of cities in heat power in accordance with the effective standards;
  • optimization of the existing system of heat networks under the terms of reliability in conditions of the expected increase in thermal loads;
  • determination of expediency for the construction of new CHPPs (or boiler plants) operating with various types of fuel;
  • selection of technologies and equipment that meet standard criteria of reliability and investment attractiveness;
  • carrying out the feasibility study of need to modernize the existing heat sources and networks and construct new ones on the principle of economic effectiveness and profitability with due consideration of the prospect for accounting period;
  • assessment of environmental impact of heat supply system facilities;
  • development of suggestions on the rational arrangement of heat supply with respect to the considered stages of urban development;
  • preliminary evaluation of charge for the connected thermal load;
  • offering a sequence for the execution of design documentation on the development of heat supply system facilities.

The Advanced Engineering Department is equipped with computer hardware and software complex for engineering & economic and ecological calculations and graphical representation of heat supply schemes of cities.


Areas of Activity