Hydrotechnical Department


The Department performs the design works in the field of water-and-power development, water supply, and sewage.

The Department performs the design works on heat power engineering facilities for process water supply, external water supply and sewage networks, external fire-fighting of buildings and structures, water-and-power development, external ash and slag removal systems.

Activity of the Department is aimed at continuous improvement in quality of construction of power plants' and heat networks' facilities reducing the environmental impact and construction cost.

Construction solutions implemented under our projects are based on the use of state-of-the-art structures and materials.


Studying the needs of a customer, coordination of engineering solutions with the customer, readiness for cooperation enable to develop design solutions that meet the highest requirements to quality and reliability.

Completeness and correctness of project designs are achieved thanks to the integrated work in the Institute and on the construction facilities.

Technology awareness of specialists of the Department increases constantly by visiting of issue-related exhibitions and workshops.

Range of Services

Drawing of:

  • external ash and slag removal including: ash and slag pipelines and clarified water lines, process side of drainage pumping stations, clarified water pumping stations, ash dumps for dry and hydraulic stacking with impervious and drainage envelopes;
  • service water supply including: cooling towers, circulation water conduits of a large diameter, process side of circulating
  • pumping stations;
  • external water supply and sewage networks with structures;
  • external fire-fighting of buildings and structures.

The Department takes part in the development of EIAP (Environment Impact Assessment Procedure) and environment protection sections, as well as in the development of certificates on allocation of land for the construction of power facilities.

Coordination of specifications for construction with factories and firms supplying equipment. Obtainment of specifications for construction from state and commercial entities with regard to the connection to sources of water supply, discharges to sewage systems and surface reservoirs.

Participation in the development of variants for the identification of the most progressive and effective design solutions.

Participation in the defense of design solutions on technical meeting of the Institute, in approving, expert, and validating authorities, as well as take part in designer supervision.

Control over the design progress in subcontracting organizations.


Areas of Activity