Electrical Department


  • Integrated design of electrical part for a new construction, expansion, modernization, and retrofitting of CHPP, GRES, GTPP, boiler plants, heat networks' facilities, indoor and outdoor 110 and 220kV substations.
  • Design of relay protection and line automation systems for CHPP, GRES, GTPP, and 110 and 220kV substations using modern microprocessor-based means.
  • Design of emergency control systems at CHPP, GRES, and GTPP.
  • Design of auxiliary mechanism control systems for CHPP, GRES, GTPP, boiler plants, and heat networks' facilities.
  • Expert examination of design documents executed by outside organizations.


  • Cooperation with specialists of electric equipment and relay protection & automatic equipment manufacturers.
  • Constant contact with customers.
  • Participation in conferences, meetings, and workshops.
  • Continuity of specialists' generations.

Areas of Activity